A Façade Becomes A Symphony
by DeAnn Torregano

A story of life and a journey towards redemption will capture the hearts of readers as author DeAnn Torregano presents A Façade Becomes A Symphony, an inspiring story that shows the human will to persevere against overwhelming odds.

Written in a bright theological tone, A Façade Becomes A Symphony is an autobiography that relates to the memories of a young woman who overcomes the odds of a very dysfunctional and physically abusive family life that spills over into adulthood. Throughout this book, readers will follow her life that was filled with painful, torturous, and imprisoning events—a very difficult and challenging childhood, painful teenage years, and the early stages of her brutal adult life. But as she walks through the miracle of God’s love and care, she encounters a great force that frees and transforms her into a completely different woman. This book reveals her whole journey to deliverance.

Educational and inspiring in so many ways, A Façade Becomes A Symphony is for the women who have been unable to release their childhood hurts and fears or may still bear the burdensome signs of them and will also appeal to the sensitivity of men to better understand the emotional traumas that a great majority of women have experienced, or may currently be displaying in their everyday lives.